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Walt Disney World: Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

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Walt Disney World Resort always has innovative and creative ideas to let guests enjoy the fun they want! Amidst the sweltering Florida weather is Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park, a snow-capped oasis promising frosty fun to the whole family. Purchase your discount tickets and jump in the whimsical winter-themed water wonderland! Get ready to explore a water park like no other!

Mount Gushmore: Climb to the Top Of all Thrills

Burn some calories and have lots of fun while climbing Mount Gushmore! This 90 ft tall artificial hill is the fifth highest point in Florida. Make the most of your discount ticket and discover the park's most exhilarating attractions at Mount Gushmore!

Take the plunge in the world's tallest and fastest free-fall slides at Summit Plummet! This attraction drops you at a height of 120 feet reaching speeds of up to 60 mph! The Slush Gusher is another tall slide you can find at Mount Gushmore. Meanwhile, this 90-foot tall slide offers slightly less intense fun than Summit Plummet in two rolling hills. For a more family-friendly raft adventure, try Teamboat Springs. Guests can ride together down a winding river, experiencing unexpected twists and turns.

Use your ticket from FunEx and have a great time at Mount Gushmore. There is something for everyone to choose!

Unique Lazy Rivers and Wave Pools

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Blizzard Beach Park offers a range of attractions. If you are not into intense rides, this winter park also has lazy rivers and gentle wave pools to chill and enjoy the cold atmosphere. Float with a tube along the Cross Country Creek! Relax in a lazy river with ice caves and cold-water jets for a more chilly and fun experience. Enjoy the gently bobbing waves at Melt-Away! This one-acre wave pool is perfect for enjoying its beautiful snowy lagoon shape and gentle waters.

Snow Stormers In A Sunny Stat

Blizzard Beach lets you forget the heat in the Sunshine State with its Snow Stormers! Experience the thrill of a toboggan racer on a mat slide that takes you down three winding tracks. Bring a friend or two and dare them to go on a competition in the Downhill Double Dipper! Create lasting memories and have a downhill race in two side-by-side slides.

Kid-Friendly Fun In The Snow

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Your kids will have so much fun on your trip to Blizzard Beach. Grab your discount tickets and head out to to Tike's Peak! Watch them enjoy the park's miniature snow-banked slides, mini inner-tube rides, and snow castle fountains.

Restaurants And Snack Bars Offering Frosty Treats

Satiate your thirst and hunger after having fun in the snow! The winter park offers delicious treats, from loaded nachos at Avalunch to the sweet Blizzard Burger at Lottawatta Lodge. Walk around and discover so many delights that will satisfy your palate! Don’t forget to check out I.C. Expeditions and indulge in their yummy ice creams and sundaes, also.

Exclusive Festivities And Frosty Surprises

Are you coming to Blizzard Beach soon? Before buying your ticket, check out the monthly calendar of events! From dance parties to special character appearances, the water park hosts various events for frosty fun! Visit Disney's official website and keep an eye out for its official announcements.

Blizzard Beach epitomizes Disney's creativity and seamless blending of a snowy landscape in tropical Florida. Take advantage of what the winter park offers and plan out your activities to guarantee a refreshing day of winter wonder. Escape the heat and embrace extraordinary fun in the frost at Blizzard Beach. Buy your tickets today and chill out while having fun!

Blizzard Beach Water Park Tickets

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